• Loxoll UptimeLoxoll currently publishes a monthly newsletter in English, the Loxoll Uptime, which communicates high availability storage news, product information, knowledge share, and partnership announcements among other things, to our customers and interested readers.

  • Loxoll Communications
    (Loxoll 通讯)
    Loxoll also publishes a periodical article in Simplified Chinese, the Loxoll Communications (Loxoll 通讯), which focuses on high availability storage product information and knowledge share with IT and SI professionals in the Greater China Region.

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 2014 Loxoll Uptime  Content Highlights
 January    NA
 February  • Loxoll acquisition announcement
 • Taifon Computer Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) partnership announcement
 • Avoiding Planned and Unplanned Storage Downtime: Why Loxoll    is the Right Choice
 March  • Active-Active Data Center
 • Malgn Technology Co., Ltd. (Korea) partnership announcement
 April  • Active-Active Data Center, Part II - Assessing Requirements for    Continuous Availability
 • Case Study: Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine - Multi-Site High    Availability Storage Solution (Leeds, England)
 May  • Hi-Pro Technology Corporation (Taiwan) partnership    announcement
 • How Storage System Availability Affects Your Business
 • Case Study: Guaranteeing the Evening News at RTL Nord    (Hamburg, Germany)
 June  • Importance of Storage System Availability
 • Causes of Storage System Downtime
 • Definition of High Availability
 July  • Cost of IT-induced Business Downtime
 • Aberdeen Group 2012 “Datacenter Downtime” survey results
 • Aberdeen Group 2013 “Business Continuity and Disaster    Recovery” survey results
 Auguest  • The Real Cost of Downtime to Businesses
 • Examples of planned and unplanned downtime cost calculation
 • The total Impact of downtime
 September  • Infortrend China partnership announcement
 • Server Virtualization and High Availability
 • High Availability Requires Redundant Hardware
 • The Solution: Loxoll HA-AP Appliance
  October  • Malgn, Fujitsu Korea, Innogrid partnership announcement (Korea)
 • SMB HA Storage Solutions
 • HA in SMBs
  November  • syslink partnership announcement (Germany)
 • SMB HA Storage Solutions
 • Is Storage Virtualization a Requirement for SMBs?
 • Loxoll HA SAN appliance for SMBs
  December  • Happy New Year 2015
 • SilverShine Technology partnership announcement
 • HA Solutions for SMBs
 • A Brief Comparison of HA Storage Solutions – Part 1
 2014 Loxoll 通讯  内容亮点
 第一期,5月号  • 关于Loxoll
 • 关于本刊
 • IT SAN连续可用性解析
 • 部署Loxoll HA-AP存储高可用引擎设备的双活数据中心
 第二期,7月号  • RTL Nord 案例 (汉堡市,德国)
 第三期,8月号  • 维持存储系统持续运营的重要性
 • 造成存储系统停工的原因
 • 存储高可用性评估的考量
 第四期,10月号  • 因IT缘故造成业务停工的代价
 • 亚伯丁 (Aberdeen Group) 2012年 “ 数据中心之停工
   (Datacenter Downtime)”调查结果
 • 亚伯丁 (Aberdeen Group) 2013年 “ 业务连续性与灾难恢复    (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) ” 调查结果
 第五期,11月号  • 业务停工的真实成本代价
 • 例一:估算计划内业务停工的成本
 • 例二:估算计划外业务停工的成本
 • 业务停工成本的亚成分
 • 系统停工无可避免,业务停工可以避免
 第六期,12月号  • 2015 新年快乐
 • 高可用系统在中小型企业的演变
 • 中小型企业的存储高可用解决方案的考虑因素