Key Features

High Availability

Clustered, dual active-active appliance design, enables enterprise-grade storage solutions for business-critical applications. Provide high-availability storage access and protection for VMware infrastructures. Instantaneous, hardware-based failover and failback of storage system access complements SAN file system operation and provides uninterrupted data access.

Continuous Data Protection

Embedded hardware mirroring protects data continuously with no overhead on hosts or storage. Optional point-in-time “frozen” copies of volumes provide immediate, disk-based restoration in the event of failure.

Simple, Open, and Scalable

Universal Fibre Channel compatibility, works with any mix of OS drivers, switches, and SAN third-party storage systems. Appliance-based design eliminates need for installation of host software or proprietary device drivers. Modular scalability allows multi-node clustering of HA engines.

Easy to Manage

Simple, centralized operation and administration, with no host software required. Administration performed using intuitive GUI from local or remote client.

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    The Loxoll High-Availability Appliance HA8x4 is designed expressly for adding continuous, high-availability access and mirrored data protection to open SAN storage. HA8x4 is easy operation and fully transparent to host systems. No additional host software or drivers are required, which reduces administration and eliminates host CPU overhead. Mirroring and failover are managed automatically by HA8x4. To connected hosts, HA8x4 protected RAID storage appears as an unbreakable volume, impervious to component outages, which also supports online “hot” SAN/storage maintenance without requiring application downtime. Two models of HA8x4 are offered:

    • HA8x4-1, the single-engine version appliance, and
      • HA8x4-2, the dual-engine version appliance.
        • Guaranteed Data Access

        The HA8x4 appliance makes it easy to build a high-availability, enterprise-grade storage solution that provides no downtime storage access. HA8x4 installs easily with inexpensive standard Fibre Channel RAID units and switches and, optionally, with VMware software, and others, to create a high-performance HA storage system with instantaneous recovery on any single point of failure.
        Embedded hardware mirroring protects data continuously, while clustered HA engines manage redundant data paths between host systems and SAN storage. If a component outage occurs, access is instantly switched to alternate path, ensuring applications continue to run without interruption. Depending on specific data protection and application needs, HA8x4 can be used to mirror entire user data set or just for mission-critical portion.

          • Proven Applications

          Broadcast, advertising, and publishing organizations from large to small use HA-AP appliance to protect and guarantee access to their data. Today, CCTV, NFL Films, Korea Broadcasting, Associated Press, the Richards Group, Transcontinental, the New York Times, and local television stations use HA-AP in a variety of applications that include post-production, business-critical file server, and broadcast operations.